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by the Ascension plan

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Review by Lucy Cooper
THE MINACK'S dramatic setting, open to the elements, with a jaw-dropping backdrop of sea and sky, provided the ideal launch pad for a night of epic and ethereal sounds from Penwith-based band The Ascension Plan and special guests.
On Friday, May 2, 2014, hundreds gathered on the cliffs at Porthcurno to witness the four-piece band join forces with New York singer Mimi Goese, of 1980s cult American band Hugo Largo, and Penzance choir the 50 Degrees.
The night marked what the band call, "the completion of a curious circle". The circle began back in the 1990s with Quietly Torn, the band started by The Cure's Porl Thompson when he moved to Zennor.
When Mimi Goese, the band's original singer, left – homeward bound for New York – Thompson recruited St Just guitarist and singer Martin Jackson, then 16 years old. On a May evening in 1998 Martin took to the Minack stage to play a memorable gig with Quietly Torn.
Martin went on to form The Ascension Plan with Quietly Torn drummer Nick McLeod, bassist Mungo Shoddy and former Bates Motel man Paul Adams on electric violin.
In 2012, on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Nick McLeod (who also plays with The Incredible String Band's Clive Palmer) and Mimi Goese began to hatch a plan.
This resulted in Mimi's collaboration with the band on a number of tracks, including Ascending, from their All Ways EP, and forthcoming singles Buoy and Life (You Are).
Ultimately, it led back to the Minack and the wild Cornish cliffs on a May evening in 2014, bringing Mimi and Martin together to share the stage for the first time.
The result was an evening that managed to pull off the feat of being both intimate and epic.
Axolotl set the tone with an introductory soundscape that melded with the waves and the wind. Building from womb-like gongs and elemental murmuring, The Ascension Plan's sound swelled into celestial flights of liquid violin melting into out of this world vocals, transporting the listener to realms at once familiar, strange and beguiling.
With years of collective musical experience under their belts, the band moved together effortlessly through the haunting waltzing chorus of Old Wings, via the alternating swing and raw power of Disengage (and Remain The Same), the ethereal Ascending and meditative All Ways. Mimi Goese brought her extraordinary and formidable vocals into the equation – which can also be heard on Moby's Into The Blue and When It's Cold I'd Like To Die – bringing theatrical flair and sparkle to the stage along with her trademark vocal acrobatics.
Adding the vocal harmonies of the 50 Degrees choir into the mix, under the skilled direction of Vicky Abbott, sent beautiful, fluid, yet precisely aligned harmonies rushing across the Cornish skies.
"The sky and sea stitched seamlessly," Mimi sings on the forthcoming single Life, (You Are). As the daylight faded, sea and sky vanished into one another and the stage was bathed in a dance of colours, courtesy of projections by renowned local artist Paul Lewin.
Sky, sea, music and light stitched seamlessly into a mesmerising fabric, entrancing the senses. The resulting frisson carried echoes of Sigur Ros at the Eden Sessions.
Maybe it's the tuning, the band tune their instruments to a pitch of 432HZ – said to be the natural universal frequency – rather than the standard concert pitch of 440HZ. Maybe it's the combined power of more than 50 voices. Or maybe it's just that special something that ignites when a plan comes together beautifully.
Whatever the secret, this will be remembered as a night when magic was made, when The Ascension Plan unfolded their wings and took flight with Mimi Goese and the 50 Degrees.
You can obtain the band's All Ways EP at
Nicholas Pegg – author of the acclaimed Complete David Bowie series of books as well as a regular Dalek operator on Dr Who – was on holiday in the area and attended the concert. He tweeted: "One of the best gigs I've ever seen."


released March 20, 2015

Live Sound by Kieran @ KSound
Live Recording by Richard Blackborow




the Ascension plan Penzance, UK

Martin Jackson - Vocals/Guitar
Paul Adams - Violin
Nick Mcleod - Drums
mungo shoddy - Bass

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Track Name: Ascending
Lay down
To breathe
A long time
To sigh

Open the roof
I want to see
Chasing the sound
Taken in

Pull me up
Make it so
You don't move
Hold still

Open the roof
I want to see
Chasing the sound
Taken in

Scream for life
Ache for the light...
Track Name: All Ways
It's time to change all the colours
It's time to check all directions
Without somewhere to go
There's no reason to stay here

I will walk to you from all ways
All ways..
Track Name: Gold as the Sun
Gold are the days
Loving child is here to save me
Gold as the sun
I never thought I'd be the one

I followed the stream and stone
You coloured my dreams in gold
I hold you and don't let go
And take in the sky, all night

I wandered through
A thousand faces for a glimpse of you
How could I know
All my searching would lead me home

I followed the stream and stone
You coloured my dreams in gold
I hold you and don't let go
And take in the sky, all night
Track Name: Found
Be still
See me from inside
I'm found
Touched in frozen time

This door
Is open all the time
Deep love is life
Track Name: Life, You Are (with Mimi Goese)
lyrics by Mimi Goese

Head of a pin, a pin in the map of where you are and where you will be
The mountain is salty
The sea is moss green
Ferocious bloom of the racing sun falls
To slate sky then wolf moon
Airplane trails sew a fabric of your day to my night with color
Woven tug of war
Locked in a woven tug of war
In you eye lives a cluster star nebula
Where I dive leagues under your skin
Molecules hair breath and muscles fused
Loose stone soft earth voice with color
Collide Collide
There are mysteries out here
Collide Collide Collide
The sea and sky stitched seamlessly
The sea and sky collide
There are mysteries out here
The sea and sky woven in a tug of war
Molecules hair breath and muscles fused
The sea and sky
Loose stone soft earth
Molecules hair breath and muscles fused
The sea and sky
Life you are a delicate spec
You are a delicate spectacular
Track Name: Buoy (with Mimi Goese)
lyrics by Mimi Goese

Don't fight buck up
Let in the bright bits of everything
Sweet nothings shut up
Flail untethered in thick inky dark matter
Pipe down stand stock-still
Listen to the hunt listen to the love
In a mosquito's humming
Dandelions float light as paper wings
Sea foam anklets effervescent tingle cool like peppermint
Chaos and cacophony of birds alight

A heimlich manouver needed on the laughing Buddha
I hand you all this beauty
I hand you all this nonsense to move you
Calibrate drumbeats audible heartbeat stomp stomp it out
I am hallucinating
I am hallucinating you and your happiness
Sssshhhhhhhhh catch up ketchup catsup catch up ketchup catsup
I am hallucinating your happiness

Peach stone sucked dry
A glutton to your birdlike appetite
Leaving DNA everywhere
Pulsate reverberate
Slap a napping mind wide awake
A pattern of resistance meets the world of difference
I hand you all this senseless beauty it's all I have to give
I hand you all this crushing beauty as proof as a buoy as a lifesaver
As a reason to move you move you
Track Name: Glow
High on the silence
the ind of peace that will bind us
we can evolve

so need the love
i know i've become the rain not the sun
my head in the storm
i know where you are
there in the calm

be all around me
i see the forest crown thee
all will resolve

i've been missing from myself
but i'm sure i'm here now
this time i'll breathe a sigh
endless open sky
oh my dearest friend
oh my love our chalice full
and i want to taste it all
i wanna see you fly